Thursday, August 11, 2011

Updates Updates and Updates

Kebelakangan ni memang agak jarang update kat sini dah kan...
well bukan sebab taknak update, but jarang ade benda untuk di luahkan kat blog ni.
Ieja byk updat kat GwRL sekarang as Etain and Bella dah tak jd co blogger dh, and sekarang byk pulak updates about my favorites and what not, so agak busy disitu.
Kalau sesape yang ter tengok blog ni and berminat nak bace reviews about books ke, tv shows (ni belum update lagi, but soon) or Japanese Idol and stars singgah la... Comments are welcome but are not forced upon.

Next up, I'm going to Japan soon kan, t be exact on the 7th of September, jantung memang dah doki doki, but I'm learning as much as I can and trying to figure out some stuff yg dah lame tak figure out and tgh berbaur perasaan di saat ini..
Uwa~~~ Kowaii, but I'm very excited.
pape pun ni nak update blog je,
I'll try to write again with a proper entry soon...

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